4 tips to create a winning Expert Advisor

We have accumulated experience on how to create expert advisor for metatrader 4 and consider ourselves one of the few people in Italy who work in a serious and satisfying job. I write because I like to share some important aspects of trading on line with expert advisors for those who are going to decide …

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NANO lots forex strategy

One of the main obstacles for all new traders is to have enough capital to develop their trading strategies in the long run. Often the risk that support is not related to the balance of the account and in a few steps wrong is a risk of losing the capital. You often use trading strategies …

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Support and Resistance – dynamic and static

Looking at the charts over a period long enough you'll find that the performance of the price of a currency forex is directed upward or downward. This direction is the main trend of the market. The decrease of the space-time we have observed a lower conception of the trend. Mainly we can observe trends bullish, …

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DrawDown Max, Relative, Absolute

To evaluate the goodness of an investment strategy is necessary to analyze the chart showing the trend of the capital. Then you can evaluate some indices that extrapolate the most important information on the progress of investments. One of the most important indices to consider is the drawdown that is normally reported in percentage or in absolute terms. The technical definition of drawdown is the following: The drawdown represents the 'intensity of reduction of capital in percentage terms or absolute terms and may be referred to a single order or to the …

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