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Spread Trading system CFD and Forex

What is Spread Trading?

Spread trading system is the study of the relative strength of two pairs as underlying indices, currencies, commodities or precious metals in order to assess which tool can outperform the other. The object of the study is the direct correlation, volatility over time, seasonality and strength of trend.

What are the advantages of Spread Trading system?spread trading system strategy

The benefits are numerous and can be summarized in the following points:

  • hedging portfolio by not using Stop Loss
  • never victims of Hunting Stop Loss that brokers are so good at doing!
  • do not need to worry about a market crash
  • like the recent decision of the Swiss National Bank to abandon the defense share of 1.20 EURCHF
  • the repercussions of the decisions of the ECB rate
  • or policies of quantitative easing etc. etc.

Examples of Spread Trading system?

Spread Trading system results live

We do not just publish examples or trading signals but also to show you how we work live! You can follow our reasoning analysis of spread trading on live chat in private. Our vision is intraday and now we focus on the study of signs of spread trading on the forex and stock market indices.

Visit this page for yourself and evaluate the results obtained in 2015 with the spread trading: http://www.tradingonline-news.com/spread-trading-forex/risultati-spread-trading/

over +2200 pips of profits!


Indicators for the spread trading system

We made two indicators for MT4 to study the trend of spreads related:

  • Spread Force (to assess the currency pair stronger and the trend of the spread)
  • We-Spread that acts as a filter
  • We-Point indicator to find the exact point of entry into the market between the two underlying compared

Also you need to study the updated tables of correlation of different TF, volatility and also the value of the pip updated.

Start making profits with spread trading system Today!

Buy the package of the Indices of spread trading at a price of 50 euro and you:

  • indicators and Spread Ratio Spread Force as described above with license 6 months
  • We-Point Indicator for trend analysis of the underlying licensed 6 months
  • Forex Trading Course for Beginners (video + ebook)
  • Guide to Spread Trading on Forex
  • Access to the private chat where every day there is discussion about possible combinations of spread to be able to trade in order to stay in touch and up to date

If you want to start to use our Spread Force Indicator you can buy it. Please send us a request email at info@tradingonline-news.com

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