>$700 billion bailout won’t solve anything

>You’ve probably concluded by now that the $700 billion bailout won’t solve anything.

Since the plan was first announced, the Dow has shed far more than 2,000 points. Trillions of dollars of wealth has vanished. Credit markets have been a disaster. As if the debate wasn’t heated enough, I’m sure the bailout opponents feel they’ve been vindicated, pointing to the swoon as proof Paulson’s plan was a $700 billion blunder that won’t solve a darn thing. Full read: http://tinyurl.com/567bae

Wall Street higher on hopes of credit recovery

Stocks rise on hopes credit market easing will help temper recession; Dow up more than 200 http://tinyurl.com/5pecq3

Exelon Lowballs Warren Buffett in NRG Bid

Warren Buffett didn’t get where he is by buying low and selling lower. But that is what Exelon is asking the billionaire investor to do. Full story: http://tinyurl.com/5lrg79

Gasoline prices tumble despite likely OPEC cuts

Consumers got another break at the gas pump Monday, as prices dropped further below $3 a gallon and approached year-ago levels even as the near-certainty of an OPEC production cut pushed oil prices marginally higher. http://tinyurl.com/5upky4

Morgan Stanley, Prince of Tides

Investment bank Morgan Stanley is set to announce the latest data center oddity — a close to $500 million facility located near the Scottish coast that will be powered by tidal energy. The warehouse will rely on tidal current turbines made by Singapore’s Atlantis Resources Corporation and produce about 150 megawatt hours of power, according to a report in The Guardian. That’s close to the amount of energy needed to fuel a 300,000-person city. http://tinyurl.com/5qswj7


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